Friday, 25 December 2009

Cairo is very warm anarchic and fluid.
Viva Palestina has been given authorisation via Al Arish:
Cairo, 24 December – The Egyptian government dismissed calls from the Palestinian government headed by Ismail Haniya to facilitate the arrival of the international Lifeline convoy of Vivapalestina on its way to the Gaza Strip, declaring that the convoy, consisting of 250 trucks loaded with European, Turkish and Arab donations for the Gaza Strip population, will not be allowed to enter Egypt through the Red Sea port of Nuweiba, as it had planned. The Egyptian Foreign Ministry however released a statement saying: "The Egyptian government welcomes the passage of the convoy into the Gaza Strip on December 27, on condition that it abides by the mechanisms in place for humanitarian aid convoys to the Palestinian people, including most importantly the entry of convoys through the port of El-Arish." From Arab website.
We are awaiting latest outcomes following the revocation of permits by the Egyptian authorities for the convoy of coaches to take us to El Arish.

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  1. Dear Peter,

    many thanks for keeping us up to date from the "frontline". We all are following your news and the news of the convoy. We are going to have a meeting tonight at Wensum Lodge and will discuss some options as the national PSC has called for a picket at the Egyptian Embassy tomorrow. People here haven't stopped contacting MPs and the embassy, however, some voices starting calling for a campaign to boycott tourism in Egypt and I hope that the Egyptian president will hear that. We are worried about Netanyahu's yesterday orders and instructions to the Egyptians, we'll see the result of his meeting when the Lifeline boat arrives at Al-Arish (coming from Syria).
    We all are thinking about you and you have all our support and solidarity. We are going to talk about this on Saturday at the forum and tell the public what's happening at your end. Please pass my/our best to all activists and supporters.

    In solidarity