Friday, 25 December 2009

We’re here in Cairo and things are hopping. People are coming in from all over the world with all sorts of great ideas. Can’t wait to see you all here!!!
As you may have heard, the Egyptian government has denied our request to go into Gaza and has cancelled our permits for our orientation meeting at the College of the Holy Family for December 27 at 7pm.
From Gaza Freedom March organisers:
'To update people we will do briefings each morning at 8:30 am, starting on Sunday, at the Lotus Hotel, Sun Hotel and Select Hotels and share evolving plans. We have come too far to be tourists as the Egyptian Government has suggested. Recognizing that our creativity and flexibility are one of our most powerful tools we are exploring new and exciting ways to get our message out and keep the pressure on!
This may mean some increased risks. We are asking you and your group, if you are part of one, to consider what kinds of risks you may be willing to take. In theory any gathering over six people is considered illegal. But challenging laws is part of our work and the worse consequence you could expect is arrest and deportation which becomes an action itself. If we do it right, this may be politically difficult for Egypt to do. We need people who are willing to take such risks, people who are willing to support them and people who will take minimal to no risks. No matter what risk you are willing to take, there is important work for you to do here. Around the world people are watching and are taking action demanding that Egypt open the border.'
What risks are we willing to take? Today I bumped into Ian, Charlotte and Ali from the original meeting in London and we discussed what we're to do and aims and priorities. Our main objective is getting into Gaza and following a meeting with an Egyptian journalist it was decided to move north as soon as possible as the security situation is increasing by the hour.

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